Pumpkin Gnocchi with Honey Brown Butter & Fried Walnut Gremolata

It’s time to make some gnocchi! What’s better than biting into a soft pillow of dough with a flavorful sauce nestled into little ridges on the surface of it? I love to make gnocchi almost as much as I love to eat them. There’s great satisfaction that comes from making food by hand, so my dad and I create an event out of it. I form and cut the dough while he works the gnocchi board with ease. Before we know it, there’s flour all over the kitchen and we are surrounded by trays of gnocchi ready for a pot of boiling water.

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Apple Crumb Pie with Bourbon-Vanilla Ice Cream

PIE. You can’t have Thanksgiving without it. There’s nothing like crowding around the table and fighting over who gets the biggest piece as the heavenly scent bursts out of each slice. I do love pumpkin pie, with its smooth texture and traditional taste, or even pecan pie, a richly sweet indulgent treat. But in my mind, apple pie beats them all.

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